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SecLend Market

SecLend Market

Eurex Repo GmbH offers a unique securities lending & borrowing (SLB) market with straight-through processing (STP) from trading to settlement and the integrated service of Eurex clearing as a central counterparty. The electronic trading is not anonymous in the SecLend Market. However, Eurex Clearing becomes involved in the transaction as the CCP directly after it has been concluded.

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Collateral Trading

Broad variation of trading behaviour: private, semi-private and public quotes with access to a large market of European shares, ETFs and bonds.

On a daily basis, we inform you which transactions or underlying securities are included in our CCP clearing service.


Fully integrated Value Chain

Straight Through Processing (STP) from trading to settlement. Traders can monitor the loan in real-time at all times, no manual intervention needed. Central clearing (novation) and risk management via Eurex Clearing.

Crossborder Settlement to major I-CSD's and CSD's

For Equities as loan securities, Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) act for home market settlement. Fixed Income loan securities are settled via the International Central Securities Depositories (ICSDs). For non-cash collateral a membership of a tri-party collateral agent (Clearstream Banking Luxembourg or Euroclear Bank) is mandatory.

Trading Hours

07:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET (supported 07.00 a.m. to 07.30 p.m. CET).

Minimum Trade Size

The minimum trade sizes for the respective financial instruments tradeable on SecLend Market are as follows:

Instrument Type

Min. Trade Size


1 Piece


1000 Nominal


  • Equities: via home market Settlement: Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF), SIX SIS AG, ESES, EUI
  • Fixed Income: Clearstream Banking Luxembourg, Euroclear Bank

Trade Entry Cut-Off Times on Same Day Loans

Trading Fees

 SecLend Market CCP
Fee per lending trade (in bp)1,00
Min. fee per trade in EUR10,00
Fee for trade modifications in EUR10,00
Annual fee in EUR12'000.-

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