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Eurex Improve

Eurex Improve

Full execution at best available price

Eurex Improve provides Trading Participants with a tool suited to guarantee their customers complete execution of orders below minimum block trade sizes at the best available price. Execution at this best available price is ensured as Eurex Improve is fully integrated into Eurex’s order book and benefits from the order book’s pricing competition. It is available for all equity and equity index options. Eurex Improve automatically fulfills the best execution standards defined by MiFID II.


Eurex Improve adds value to the overall market structure, by providing advantages to all involved stakeholders - Learn how it works:

  • The customer is guaranteed full execution of their order at a determined price level or better price levels.
  • Banks and brokers are provided with a tool to generate additional customer flow, as they can ensure full execution of their customers' orders below minimum block trade sizes.
  • Liquidity providers have the opportunity to engage with order-flow which otherwise might have been executed without their participation. Once an Improve request has been announced, execution of the customer order is guaranteed.  

New Opportunities

In this video Kirstin Meissner gives an overview on Eurex Improve and the benefits.



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