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Spotlight on: all about Total Return Futures

Spotlight on: all about Total Return Futures

Antoine Porcheret, Senior Equity & Derivative Strategist, BNP Paribas discusses the Total Return Future (TRF).

What is equity repo?
What is a Total Return Future (TRF) and how is it linked to equity repo?
As an investor, why should I trade TRFs?

The market is warming to futurized swaps which deliver margin efficiency and new trading opportunities for the derivatives market. One such new product taking the market by storm is the Total Return Future. In this short video interview, Antoine Porcheret, Senior Equity & Derivative Strategist, BNP Paribas, explains how the Total Return Future operates, how it is linked to equity Repo and how it is being incorporated into trading strategies, among market participants.

Antoine Porcheret is a Senior Equity & Derivative Strategist at BNP Paribas. His role is to lever fundamental content and parameter dislocations to express trading themes and cross-asset views at index, sector and single stock levels. Before joining BNP Paribas in 2014, Antoine spent seven years at HSBC as an equity derivative trader, from co-heading the world exotic single stocks book to managing the CEEMEA equity derivative trading desk. Antoine graduated from ESSEC MBA majoring in financial mathematics & corporate finance.


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