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Amsterdam 2019

In partnership with ABN AMRO Clearing, Eurex invites you to join our Derivatives Forum 2019. Impact investing, technological advancements, regulation and geopolitical developments are rapidly changing the core of our industry. This year’s forum will be touching on this paradigm shift. We will look at how ESG principles and rebalancing of market structures impact the industry and our closing session will discuss evolution of the European financial markets landscape. Our break-out sessions will be split in a fixed income and equity markets stream providing insights on interest rate benchmark reform and the impact of liquidity. 

The Derivatives Forum is the perfect opportunity to update your knowledge and meet your peers at the closing network reception. William Mitting, Founder and Managing Director, Acuiti, will guide you through the day and we are looking forward to welcoming you there.

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-    Lieve Vanbockrijck, Global CFO, ABN AMRO Clearing 
-    Erik Müller, CEO, Eurex Clearing


Food for thought
How can Sustainability work

- Pauline Engelberts, Global COO, ABN AMRO Clearing


The future(s) of ESG 
Responsible investing has become a major theme for institutional investors worldwide with more than $23 trillion in AUM invested according to ESG. This panel addresses the impact of this trend on the derivatives industry and its role in facilitating the sustainability-driven listed derivatives.

Moderator: William Mitting

−    Karin Bouwmeester, Sustainability manager, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. 
−    Kirst Kuipers, Managing director, Head of iShares ETF & Index Investments Netherlands, BlackRock 
−    Zubin Ramdarshan, Head of Equity & Index Product Design, Eurex 
−    Rick van Leeuwen, Head of Institutional Trading, IMC




Food for thought
Connecting calves, lard, dogs and koenaffels

- Harold de Boer, Managing Director, Transtrend


Why change market structures? 
Investment behavior and regulation continue to evolve. Consequently, exchanges review and adapt their market models to best support market participants and regulatory efforts. This session looks ahead to the near future as the panel discusses new solutions in market structure and its key implications for all users. 

Moderator: Will Mitting, Founder and Managing Director, Acuiti

−    Harold de Boer, Managing Director, Transtrend 
−    Wolfgang Eholzer, Chief Technology Officer, Eurex 
−    Cathal Hardiman, Business Development, IMC 
−    Martin Polak, COO, All Options 




Asset class breakout sessions 
Join our dedicated breakout sessions and get an update on some of our key initiativesin the fixed income and equity index markets.    
Breakout session: fixed income
Transitioning from IBOR to Risk Free Rates
Driven by declining liquidity in the unsecured inter-bank lending market, firms are facing a significant amount of planning in the lead up to 2021. The prevailing question really is what a post-Libor world would look like. This panel will provide you with pivotal insights into the key challenges firms face in the lead up and how they are preparing for a post-Libor environment.     

Moderator: William Mitting

−    Lee Bartholomew, Head of Fixed Income Product R&D, Eurex 
−    Jaap Kes, Head of Money Market & Funding and Interest Rate Management, ING Bank 
−    Max Verheijen, Managing Director, Cardano 

Breakout session: equity index 
It’s all about liquidity
The derivatives trading landscape constantly evolves. However, finding sources of liquidity and deep liquidity pools remains a key aspect within the investment decision process. Building liquid benchmarks can help investors assuring flexibility and certainty of execution. The right combination of market measures combined with a level playing field for liquidity providers can support liquidity. To what extent are liquidity criteria considered during the investment process and what guidelines are taken into account? What are the preferred ways of trading and does it differ depending on a specific asset class?

Moderator: Paul Beck, Executive Director, Equity & Index Sales EMEA, Eurex 

−    Daniel Neeteson, Principal Strategy, Optiver
−    Martijn Rozemuller, Head of Europe, Think ETF Asset Management BV
−    Wilrik Sinia, Founding Partner & Director, Mint Tower Capital Management 




The global landscape - shaping the financial markets of future
In the global political environment, we see tendencies to return to national markets, although markets are global. This creates challenges as well as opportunities. In this session, the panel discusses the perspective of the sell- and buy-side as well as market infrastructures and regulators. How does the financial market of the future look like? Where are the new hubs and what is their relevance today and in 10 years?

Moderator: William Mitting

-    Daniel Neeteson, Principal Strategy, Optiver 
-    Erik Müller, CEO, Eurex Clearing 
-    Jan Mark Van Mill, Head of Treasury & Trading, APG Asset Management


Closing remarks

Followed by a networking reception 


Featured speakers

Lee Bartholomew, Head of Fixed Income Product R&D, Eurex

Lee Bartholomew was appointed Head of Derivatives Product R&D Fixed Income in December 2016. He is responsible for developing the existing portfolio of products and the evaluation as well as implementation of new products and services within FIC.
He is responsible for leading the next phase of product innovation by building and managing Eurex product FIC research and development business.

Karin Bouwmeester, Sustainability Manager, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Karin Bouwmeester worked for over 10 years at the Dutch development bank FMO, where sustainable and impact investing was at the core of her responsibilities.
She joined ABN AMRO Private Banking in January 2019 as a Sustainability Manager. In this role she is responsible for integrating ESG and sustainability in the internal processes and in the offering of products and services to clients.

Harold de Boer, Managing Director, Transtrend

Harold de Boer is one of the Managing Directors at Transtrend B.V. In the final phase of his studies Applied Mathematics in Twente, while working on the project that would later become Transtrend, he became fascinated by the concept of leptokurtosis – or ‘fat tails’ – in probability distributions, a topic which has inspired him throughout his career.
He is the architect of Transtrend's Diversified Trend Program, responsible for research & development, portfolio management and trading. He was born and raised on a dairy farm in Drenthe. And from a young age, he has been intrigued by linking mathematics to the real world around us.

Dr. Wolfgang Eholzer, CTO / Member of the Executive Board, Eurex

Dr. Wolfgang Eholzer, who has more than 20 years of industry experience in Exchange Technology, is CTO of Eurex Frankfurt AG since January 2019. He is also a member of the Management Board of Eurex Deutschland.
As a Board Member, Dr. Eholzer is responsible for derivatives trading IT and, in particular, for the IT strategy as well as the development and technical operation of Eurex Frankfurt AGs trading system T7.

Will Mitting, Founder and Managing Director, Acuiti

Will is the founder and managing director of, the new business intelligence platform for the derivatives market. He founded Acuiti in February 2019 after 8 years at Euromoney Institutional Investor where he served as Editor and Publisher of FOW and oversaw the merger between FOW and Global Investor becoming managing director of the combined group in October 2016.
Prior to joining FOW, he spent 18 months in Malawi where he founded the first magazine publishing company in the Norther Region of the African country to test a thesis that business provided a better route to long term development than aid. 

Erik Tim Müller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Eurex Clearing AG

Erik Tim Müller has over 20 years of experience in Capital Markets and is a member of the Executive Board of Eurex Clearing AG since April 2013. He is also a member of the Management Board of Eurex Deutschland. 

As Managing Director of Deutsche Börse Group, he has been previously responsible for Corporate Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) for many years. Since the IPO of Deutsche Börse in 2001, Erik Tim Müller has been a manager of Deutsche Börse Group. He has been responsible for Group Treasury and Investor Relations, including all treasury activities of the two bank licensed businesses of Deutsche Börse Group, Eurex Clearing in Frankfurt/Main and Clearstream in Luxembourg since 2008.

Daniel Neeteson, Principal Strategy, Optiver

Daniel Neeteson joined Optiver in 2008 and traded a wide variety of desks in the equity and fixed income space. In 2016 he joined the Corporate Strategy team where he is responsible for developing new business.

Martin Polak, COO, All Options

Starting in 2012 as derivatives trader at All Options, Martin Polak is in his current role as COO responsible for the execution of All Options’ vision in trading and innovation. All Options is active as a liquidity provider on all major European exchanges and recently started trading on the US market. In the coming years All Options envisions to grow towards global coverage in all equity derivatives markets, by focusing on our core strength: market making.

Zubin Ramdarshan, Head of Equity & Index Product Design, Eurex 

Zubin Ramdarshan has been the Head of Derivatives Product R&D Equity and Index for Eurex Product Development at Deutsche Boerse AG since December 2016. He has more than eleven years of equity derivatives trading experience and joined Jefferies Group LLC from Macquarie Bank, where he was Head of European Volatility Trading.

Martijn Rozemuller, Head of Europe, Think ETF Asset Management BV

Martijn Rozemuller is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Compliance, Legal, and Human Resources. He joined VanEck in 2018 with the acquisition of Think ETF’s.
Prior to joining VanEck, he founded and served as Managing Director of Think ETF’s. His earlier career experience includes partner at the Dutch trading firm Optiver, where he began his career as a trader in 1995. He has a Master’s Degree from University of Twente, Business Administration and
Mechanical Engineering.

Wilrik Sinia, Founding Partner & Director, Mint Tower Capital Management 

Wilrik Sinia is one of the founding partners at Mint Tower Capital Management since 2010, where he is currently responsible for risk management. After he started in 1995 as a stock broker at Bank Labouchere, he had various roles and responsibilities at a convertible arbitrage desk, global swap book as well as proprietary trading group.
He studied  Monetary Economics at the Erasmus University, is a chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and is a financial risk manager (FRM). 

Participating companies

  • ABN AMRO Clearing
  • All Options
  • Cardano
  • IMC
  • ING Bank 
  • Mint Tower Capital Management 
  • Optiver
  • Think ETF Asset Management BV
  • Transtrend

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