Maximum opportunity.

Contract value: one tick EUR 5.

Maximum flexibility.

Small contract size, optimized risk protection.

Maximum transparency.

Liquid, transparent order book.

Maximum safety.

Fulfillment through Eurex Clearing.



Mini-DAX Futures – trading DAX with ease

The Mini-DAX® Futures is a retail-suited contract, designed in parallel to the established DAX® Futures contract. Mini-DAX® gives semi-professional investors the opportunity to hedge and get exposure to the German benchmark index with significantly lower contract values.

Launched in October 2015, more than EUR 1.58 trillion notional volume has been traded.

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Company NameMember IDContact Number
ConsorsbankCOSNU+49 911 369 7979
DEGIRODEGAM+49 69 365 065 457
WH Selfinvest-+49 69 27 13 97 80
Sino AG-+49 0 800 800 7466


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Market depth

Contract (maturity)QuantityBidAskQuantityLast PriceNetChangeCumulative Volume (QTY)Open Interest
Sep 2020 n.a. 12,553.00 12,569.00 n.a. 12,555.00 +0.03% 34,122 8,782
Dec 2020 n.a. 10,471.00 n.a. n.a. 12,468.00 -0.74% 27 119
Mar 2021 n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. 12,460.00 -0.83% 3 1

Benefits at a glance

Price transparency

Liquid benchmark product

Easy access to Germany

Exchange-traded benefits

24/5 trading access

Contract specification

Min. Price Change



Trading Hours

Expiration Months






01:00 –

22:00 (CET)

02:00 –

22:00 (CEST)

Standard – Up to 9 Months

The three nearest quarter months of

Mar, Jun, Sept and Dec cycle

Volume development trend

Mini-DAX historical price movement

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What does market participant say?

The DAX® is the most popular trading product of our clients. With the Mini-DAX® Futures it is noticeably easier for retail clients to execute an appropriate risk and position management.


      - Dominic Schorle, WH SelfInvest


Advantages of Mini-DAX Futures over ETFs

In nearly every trading scenario, Mini-DAX® futures offer a more cost-efficient way to manage DAX 30® exposure compared to ETFs:

1) No Management FeePay no management fee when you trade FDXM futures vs. DAX 30® ETFs
2) Capital EfficiencyMini-DAX® futures margin is more capital efficient comparing it to the direct investment in DAX 30® ETF's
3) 24/5 Trading AccessNearly 24/5-access means additional trading and hedging opportunities during events ie. Brexit, German elections
4) Tactical Trading ToolShort term strategy based on anticipated market trends
5) Minimal Tracking ErrorFDXM futures track the underlying index very accurately

Advantages of Mini-DAX Futures over CFDs/Warrants

Mini-DAX® futures offer a variety of advantages in comparison to CFD’s and warrants on DAX 30® Index:

1) Exchange TradedMini-DAX® futures trade on a regulated exchange platform (Eurex) with an independent exchange surveillance

2) Transparent Pricing

Eurex offers transparent trading & clearing services, including a central counterparty system with a reduced counterparty risk
3) High Liquidity and Tight SpreadMini-DAX® futures offer extended liquidity and tightest spreads during full trading hours



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