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Executive TrainingsScale and manage your start-ups growth

If you are a founder or C-level manager at a European growth company, then this programme is for you: It offers tailored guidance and key insights on how to raise capital in different growth stages, scale the business and manage growth effectively. For later stage companies it also comprises a module on how to scale long-term and - as the business becomes capital market ready - what it means to go public.

Growing start-ups face a whole lot of challenges and constantly need to

  • evaluate and pursue new strategic opportunities,
  • optimise processes and structures to keep pace with their growth and
  • find and convince the right investors at the right time.

Especially from Series A up to Series D and onwards, these challenges tend to be increasingly urgentcomplex and multifaceted. The Executive Trainings empower you to face these challenges with solutions at hand, that are time-critical, evidence-based and individually tailored.

If you want to prepare your start-up for the growth challenges that lie ahead, get in touch and learn more about how this programme supports you.

Since 2015 over 120 founders have trained with us – this is what they learned:

  • How to take critical decisions for the upcoming steps in the next growth phase
  • What the right growth financing is for their specific business
  • How to best address investors and get the right terms for their venture
  • How to establish a sustainable strategy and growth management

Experienced trainers, experts, investors and coaches will bring this to you through:

  • Practice-oriented workshop sessions
  • Confidential setting for open, yet intimate exchange on critical topics, such as common pitfalls and growth challenges with C-level peers
  • Discussions and coaching based on challenges brought in by participants
  • Option for further private Q&A sessions with the experts, trainers and investors after the workshops


  • The programme is split in two tracks which specifically address the challenges in the respective growth stages.
  • Modules 1-3 (Early Stage track) and 4-6 (Later & Growth Stage track) can be conducted separately.
  • Each module is offered as a virtual live training over the course of approx. 4 hours per training day.

A. Early Stage track

B. Later & Growth Stage track

The full agenda can be requested here.

Dates, Fees & Admission

If you register for participation, you can bring +1 from your company to join. Please note that at least one participant needs to be C-level.

1. Early Stage track (only bookable

as a package of all three modules)

Modules 1-3

01 Mar - 05 Mar 2021

Fees: € 899 (excl. VAT)

2. Later Stage track (only bookable

as a package of all three modules)

Module 4
17-21 May 2021

Module 5
13 Sep - 17 Sep 2021

Module 6
25 Oct - 29 Oct 2021

Fees: € 1,499 (excl. VAT)

Selection of experts and peers

The Executive Trainings bring together a diverse spectrum of high-profile lecturers. Among the speakers are accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced industry experts, leading venture capitalists and distinguished professors, such as:

Moderator & Facilitator

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