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Eurex Clearing classic system

Eurex Clearing classic system


Our current Eurex Clearing classic system, currently operating on version 14.0, is our long-serving reliable clearing infrastructure. It provides the whole chain of back office clearing functionality.
Please be aware, that trading functionality has already been migrated away from Eurex Release 14.0 to T7, our new trading architecture. In line with that, the Eurex Clearing classic system will in the mid-term be replaced by C7, our new clearing architecture, in a stepwise approach.

Connectivity to the Eurex Clearing classic system

There are two possibilities to perform back office activities on the Eurex Clearing classic system:

  • Via our clearing GUI (Graphical User Interface) “@X-tract”, provided by Deutsche Börse. Connection has to be established by using our WebTrading service, which is offered via Leased Line or Internet


  • Via the Eurex Clearing FIXML Interface with an third party or self-developed back office solution. FIXML is embedded into a Multi-Interface-Channel (MIC) on a Eurex Leased Line or via a VPN Internet connection.

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