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Frequently Asked Questions



Why is Eurex decommissioning the current trading system?

With our new trading architecture we will provide more choice and advanced performance, thus our participants will benefit from greater flexibility and efficiency throughout the entire trading system.

What kind of improvements will the new system deliver?

Amongst others, the new features will include:

  • Streamlined processing and reporting
  • Improved functionality, including enhanced calendar spreads and user defined strategies
  • Significantly reduced time-to-market for introducing new products and features
  • A more flexible schedule for software upgrades

Will there be additional Eurex Releases (e.g. Eurex Relase 14.1/Eurex Release 15.0) for the current trading architecture?

There will be no further releases for the current Eurex trading system. We will decommission functionality successively from VALUES API over the year. An overview of the steps is given in Circular 026/2012.

Will the MISS infrastructure/VALUES API and the @Xtract clearing GUI continue to be maintained for Eurex Clearing?

Yes, the MISS/VALUES API and the @X-tract clearing GUI will continue to be supported for accessing Eurex Clearing services. There is no technical impact on the Eurex Clearing interfaces and GUIs due to the launch of Eurex Exchange's new trading architecture. The decomissioning approach of VALUES API for Eurex Clearing's existing clearing system is given in Circular 026/2012.

Will there be educational seminars/webinars/workshops offered?

Yes, we plan to offer various technical and functional training sessions and webinars/screencasts. We will provide more details on the contents, dates and locations in upcoming circulars and on our website.