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Eurex Clearing's C7

Eurex Clearing's C7

Efficiency & flexibility from Europe’s pioneering Clearing House.

Clearing is at the heart of the global financial markets and needs technology that’s up to the task.

Therefore, C7 was designed to meet a changing regulatory environment, while at the same time bringing the scalability and flexibility needed to meet evolving product opportunities and high volume demand.

Key features of our C7 clearing architecture:

  • Unique system design to support clearing of listed and OTC products (for both derivatives and cash) on one common architecture.
  • Superior client clearing support for different business models based on EMIR compliant segregation models under a configurable account structure.
  • Shorter time-to-market for launching new product launches and greater responsiveness to changing regulatory demands.
  • Streamlined transaction management through a harmonized processing model and enhanced netting options across all markets cleared.
  • Market standard and low footprint interfaces simplify system integration.
  • "Future-proofing" to eliminate dependency on end-of-lifecycle technologies.

The June 2014 launch of our new clearing architecture was the first milestone in a three-staged introduction process. Over time, C7 will replace the existing clearing systems for derivatives and securities - in May 2016 all listed derivatives products will exclusively be available for clearing through C7.

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