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File services overview

In this section you will find files and the respective file descriptions based on Eurex trading and clearing. Various files can be downloaded free of charge, while some files (access via MD+S interactive) are fee based and require a signed contract with Deutsche Börse AG. Tools for automatic downloads of the files are available.

You can find the free of charge files under the respective link in the left column.

Eurex Market Statistics Offline (Product number 2016)
StatisticsPriceAccessFile descriptionSample file
Market statistics (offline)fees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Market statistics (online)free of chargeunlimited  
Snapshot summary reportsfree of chargeunlimited Sample
Current Traded Seriesfree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample
Current Traded Series Delta Versionfree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample
Deliverable BondsPriceAccessFile descriptionSample file
Notified Bonds | Deliverable Bonds and Conversion Factorsfree of chargeunlimited       

Eurex Theoretical Price Data (Product number 2017)
TheoreticalsPriceAccessFile descriptionSample file
Eurex Productsfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Eurex Products (NIR)fees applyMD+S interactive Sample
Eurex Products - Intraday Filesfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Eurex Products - Intraday Files (NIR)fees applyMD+S interactive Sample
Flexible Options and Futuresfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Flexible Options and Futures (NIR)fees applyMD+S interactive Sample
Bondsfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Bonds (NIR)fees applyMD+S interactive Sample
Bond Coupon Parametersfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Equitiesfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Equities (NIR)fees applyMD+S interactive Sample
Unconditional Subscription Rightsfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample
Unconditional Subscription Rights (NIR)fees applyMD+S interactive Sample
Prisma Transparency Enabler Data - Start of Dayfees applyMD+S interactiveDescription 
Prisma Transparency Enabler Data - Intradayfees applyMD+S interactiveDescription 
Prisma Transparency Enabler Data - End of Dayfees applyMD+S interactiveDescription 
EurexOTC Clear reportsfees applyMD+S interactiveDescriptionSample

Risk parameters for securities and collateralPriceAccessFile descriptionSample file
Securities margin groups and classesfree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample
Haircut and adjusted exchange ratefree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample

Eurex TES parametersPriceAccessFile descriptionSample file
Trade Entry parametersfree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample
EFS Tradesfree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample
EFP-Fin Tradesfree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample
EFP-Index Tradesfree of chargeunlimitedDescriptionSample