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Risk parameters

Risk parameters and initial margins

Prisma portfolio-based margining
      • 17 Jul 2019
    • Prisma Margin Requirements for selected products (single position portfolios)

Liquidation Groups

The Excel "PrismaEligibleProducts.xls" shows which products belong to the

  • Listed Equity (Index) Derivatives Liquidation Group (PEQ01)
  • Listed Fixed Income Liquidation Group (PFI01)
  • Asian cooperations KOSPI/TAIFEX Liquidation Group (PAC01)
  • Commodity (Index) Derivatives Liquidation Group (PCM01)
  • Precious Metal Derivatives Liquidation Group (PPM01)
  • Property Futures Liquidation Group (PPR01)
  • FX Derivatives Liquidation Group (PFX01)
  • IRS Constant Maturity Futures Liquidation Group (PGE01)
  • Corporate Bond Liquidation Group (PCB01)
  • Derivatives on Fixed Income ETFs Liquidation Group (PEF01)

PFI01 further contains all OTC Interest Rate Derivatives (IRS) transactions (according to the Clearing Conditions Chapter VIII) in products as described on the EurexOTC Clear IRS webpage.

In addition, the Bond Liquidation Group PBN01 is defined. PBN01 contains all Eurex Bonds transactions (according to the Clearing Conditions Chapter III), all Special Repo transactions and all GC Pooling transactions in the baskets ECB Basket, ECB Extended Basket and International Maximum Quality Basket (according to the Clearing Conditions Chapter IV).

Risk-based margining
      • 17 Jul 2019
    • RBM Margin Parameters for Interest Rate, Equity, Equity Index, EXTF and Volatility Index Derivatives

      • 17 Jul 2019
    • Margin Parameters CCP Instruments (excl. Bonds)

      • 17 Jul 2019
    • Margin Parameters for Bonds and Repos

General Parameters
      • 17 Jul 2019
    • Collateral Acceptance and Haircuts

      • 18 Jul 2019
    • Admissible securities