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Prisma Margin Estimator in Cloud (Cloud PME)

25 Sep 2018

Prisma Margin Estimator in Cloud (Cloud PME)

The Prisma Margin Estimator in Cloud (Cloud PME) is a cloud-based service that allows the end user to simulate margin requirements for Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) under Prisma. The service is free of charge, easy to use, and is accessible via any web browser’s GUI, and more advanced or technically adept users can also connect to the service via an API. Users can enter individual positions or portfolios directly into the GUI or upload them as a simple CSV file. The resulting margin can then be viewed directly in the GUI.


  • Transparent calculation
    Free tool which provides transparency on Eurex Clearing’s Prisma margin requirements with high accuracy
  • Portfolio-based margin simulation
    Allows clients to readily simulate margin requirements for single positions and portfolios under the Prisma methodology
  • Usable via GUI and API
    Provides margin simulation in a user-friendly environment and hassle-free integration with client systems and processes via GUI and REST API
  • Cloud-based set-up
    By running margin simulations in the cloud, you are sure to always use the latest version of Prisma and benefit from up-to-date features
  • Continuous development
    Releasing new features and Prisma margining for other asset classes based on client demand

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