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Update: Settlement Feedback ISIN DE0007614406 and DE0005933931

Release date: 07 Mar 2007

Update: Settlement Feedback ISIN DE0007614406 and DE0005933931

Settlement confirmations for CCP trades in ISIN DE0007614406 and DE0005933931 which
settled in surplus or as gross delivery instruction for value 01.03.2007 have not
been reported in regular CCP reports CE270/CE271/CE272.

A subset of these CCP trades have been confirmed with status cash settled in
CE270/CE271/CE272 reports for STD processing as-of 01.03.2007.

The remaining settlement confirmations will be provided in machine-readable format
exceptionally because the settlement confirmations of the remaining CCP trades have
not been included in the regular CCP reports CE270/CE271/CE272.

The reporting will be provided soon. We will inform you as soon as we have any

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