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Cross Project Calendar

Eurex Clearing Cross Project Calendar

In this section, Clearing Members and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will get an overview of the main cross projects actions, which need to be performed by Clearing Members in order to ensure a smooth readiness for all upcoming initiatives.

DateProject                            Action item                                                          
01 NovExemption to maintain securities/cash settlement accounts for clearing of Eurex Transactions 

Upon request, Eurex Clearing may grant an exemption from the requirement to maintain securities accounts or corresponding cash accounts.

Clearing Conditions be amended on 01 November.

01 NovAmendments to the Price List of Eurex ClearingEurex Clearing will amend its Price List in respect to the extension of the product scope available on Eurex EnLight, introduction of a fee on delivery resulting from certain Single Stock Futures and the deletion of US02/CA02/US22 product groups
01 NovDiscontinuation of clearing of LDX IRS Constant Maturity Futures 

Eurex Clearing will discontinue the clearing services for the products: LDX IRS Constant Maturity Futures 30 October.

Clearing Conditions and Price List be amended on 01 November.

01 NovCollateral ManagementChange in the calculation of interest rates on cash collateral and resulting amendments to the Clearing Conditions.
01 NovDecommissioning of Prisma Margin EstimatorThe Prisma Margin Estimator (PME) decommissioning comes into effect.
01 NovCollateral Management: Change in the calculation of interest rates on cash collateralAmendments to the Clearing Conditions of Eurex Clearing AG relating to changes in the calculation of interest rates come into effect.
04 NovSimulation of Eurex Clearing's Default Management ProcessThe simulation starts and runs until 8 November 2019.
08 NovC7 Release 6.0Deadline to provide the Readiness Statement for C7 Release 6.0.
11 NovPreparational task for C7 Release 6.0 Clearing Members can review/change Capacity-product assignment between 11- 15 Nov (de-assignment also possible after production launch). The Capacity/product assignment will be set effective to the T7 trading platform on Monday, 18 November 2019, immediately after the launch of T7 Release 8.0.
11 NovETF settlement: Change of settlement structure for ETFs of Vanguard Funds PlcVanguard Funds Plc's Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) traded on Xetra (MIC: XETR) and Börse Frankfurt (MIC: XFRA) converted to the International Central Securities Depository (ICSD) model.
15 NovOTC Release 10.0Deadline to provide the Readiness Statement.
18 NovOTC Release 10.0Go-live of OTC Release 10.0.
18 NovC7 Release 6.0Go-live of C7 Release 6.0.
18 NovCCP Release 17.0Go-live of CCP Release 17.0.
18 Nov Prisma Release 9.0Go-live of Prisma Release 9.0.
18 NovIBOR ReformProduction start: Extend clearing eligibility to €STR-linked products.
18 NovIBOR ReformProduction start: Member reports for EUR OTC IRS trade values based on €STR discounting are available.
25 NovLiquidity Add-On parameters Prisma: Update of Liquidity Add-On parameters effective 25 November 2019.
01 DecAmendments to the price list of Eurex ClearingEurex Clearing will amend the price list  in respect to rebates for the liquidity provisioning in options.
02 DecDefault Management (DM) Auction RulesClarification and further amendments to the Default Management (DM) Auction Rules - End of Consultation
02 JanSimplification of Client Segregation Model Structures & OnboardingDeadline: Decommisioning of ECM by Value, ICM and the Triparty Clearing Agreements.
02 JanService offering of Eurex Clearing Consultation on amendments to the Clearing Conditions and related documents; further amendments to other legal documents of Eurex Clearing AG.
28 JanPrisma Release 9.1Start of simulation phase. Clients are asked to participate in the simulation.
31 JanTemporary fee waiver for Brexit preparationsTemporary fee waiver for on-behalf services to support Brexit preparations extended  until 31 January 2020.
13 MarPrisma Release 9.1Go-live of Prisma Release 9.1.
 AprReporting of cleared Securities Financing Transactions (SFTs)

In April 2020, the obligation to report securities financing transactions according to Article 4 of the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) will come into effect.

23 AprPrisma Release 9.2Start of simulation phase. Clients are asked to participate in the simulation
08 JunPrisma Release 9.2Go-live of Prisma Release 9.2

In case Eurex Clearing has to move an action date, the overview will be updated accordingly. Additionally, Eurex Clearing will inform you about all changes via newsflash or circular.

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