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C7 Release 6.1

C7 Release 6.1

Eurex Clearing will introduce C7 Release 6.1 in June 2020. An overview of the release content relevant for Clearing Members will be available on this website. To ensure effective information distribution, we kindly ask interested persons to subscribe to the RSS feed of this website.

Simulation start:   4 May 2020
Production start: 29 June 2020

Features and Enhancements / Participation requirements

With C7 Release 6.1 the following functional changes will be introduced:

Persistence of Strategy Details post Transaction Events
This functional enhancement will allow Clearing Members to keep track of strategy details throughout the entire lifecycle of a transaction. The strategy details include:  

  • “strategy type” (Tag 28587 = ProdCmplx)
  •  “strategy sub type”(Tag 29010 = SubTyp)
  •  “strategy Link ID” (Tag 1851 = StrategyLinkID)
  •  “Multi-leg Report type” (Tag 442 = MLegRptTyp)

This enhancement has an impact on the C7 GUI & FIXML. Report changes are due on C7 Release 7.0 on 23 November 2020.

New TES Trade Type (BLOCK_QTPIP)
Eurex will introduce the new TES Trade Type (BLOCK_QTPIP). Eurex Clearing will support this new trade type “1007” / Q for Qualified TPIP trades. This enhancement has an impact on the C7 GUI, FIXML & Reports.

Collateral Management Enhancement
Eurex will introduce the display of “actual booking amount” in the Collateral Pool Status Overview window of the GUI.

For additional information please visit our website: Overview and Functionality, C7 Release 6.1 system documentationEurex Circular 118/19 and to the T7 8.1 Release Notes.

Readiness Statement
The Readiness Statement for C7 Release 6.1 is now available. The submission is mandatory for all Clearing Members. Please return the Readiness Statement by Friday, 19 June 2020. The Readiness Statement is here available: Readiness Statement.

System documentation:

Corresponding Circulars

Corresponding Newsflashes

The C7 Communication Calendar for 2020 is now available: C7 Communication Calendar.  In case of any questions or your require further information, please contact us at