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C7 Release 6.0

C7 Release 6.0

With C7 Release 6.0 Eurex Clearing plans to further reduce complexity from the infrastructure to ease the daily business for its Clearing Members. C7 Release 6.0 is a mandatory release. To ensure effective information distribution, we kindly ask interested persons to subscribe to the RSS feed of this page.

Simulation start: 16 September 2019
Production start: 18 November 2019

Features and Enhancements / Participation requirements

With C7 Release 6.0 Eurex Clearing will introduce the following changes:

  • Decommissioning of Eurex Classic GUI (@X-tract GUI)
  • New windows in C7 GUI due to the decommissioning and some report changes
  • Decommissioning of Transaction Size Limits in Eurex Classic
  • Enhancement of public broadcast messages “End of Assignment”
  • Provision of fee relevant information: disclosed and undisclosed flag

Corresponding Newsflashes

Corresponding Circulars

Feature planned for Q3 2019

Activation of the Stock Tracking Futures

  • Stock Tracking Futures have been announced in 2018 as “Single Stock Dividend Adjusted Futures”
  • Activation in production planned for Q3 2019

The Member Communication Calendar gives an overview, when the next documentation will be available.
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