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This site provides an overview of all current and upcoming Eurex Clearing projects and initiatives. Detailed information for each initiative will be published in Q1 2019 via this site.

Prisma Release 8.3

Eurex Clearing plans to decommission several reports with the introduction of the Prisma Release 8.3.

Simulation: 23 July 2019
Production: 26 August 2019

C7 Release 6.0

C7 Release 6.0 is a mandatory release for all members of Eurex Clearing, i.e. Clearing Members and DC Market Participants.

Simulation start: 16 September 2019
Production start: 18 November 2019

Prisma Release 9.0

With the Prisma Release 9.0 Eurex Clearing will decommission the RBM ETD Theoretical Price Files: Derivative Theo Files and the Parameter Files.

Simulation: 8 October 2019
Production: 18 November 2019

EurexOTC Clear Release 10.0

With the OTC Release 10.0, Eurex Clearing plans to expand the EurexOTC Clear Service which will have an impact on the technical interfaces such as reports, the FpML interface and on processes.

Simulation:   9 October 2019
Production: 18 November 2019

Simplification of Client Segregation Model Structures & Client On-boarding

Eurex Clearing announced in 2018 the amendments to its client segregation models that became effective as of 28 January 2019. As part of the transition period, three measures will have an impact on Clearing Members. Here you will find all relevant information for a smooth migration.