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Eurex EnLight: Product extension 2019

Release date: 27 Feb 2019 | Eurex Clearing

No. 020/19 Eurex EnLight: Product extension 2019

As part of its Market Structure Roadmap, Eurex Exchange plans to extend the product range offered on its electronic request-for-quote (RFQ) service called Eurex EnLight, which will be accompanied by further measures related to fees, Liquidity Provider rebates and Minimum Block Trade Sizes. This step in the implementation of the Market Structure Roadmap aims to further strengthen the role of Eurex Exchange as venue of choice for efficient price discovery and best execution.

Eurex EnLight product extension

On 2 May 2019, the Eurex EnLight product scope shall be extended to cover all Equity and Equity Index Options and corresponding Futures available at Eurex besides the already listed Fixed Income Options, Swiss Equity and Equity Index Options.

Access to Eurex EnLight

In order to provide Trading Participants an easy access to Eurex EnLight, a minimal set-up process has been defined. No separate agreements are needed and all Eurex Trading Participants can use the service. Eurex EnLight can be accessed through the Eurex T7 GUI or via the T7 Enhanced Trading Interface (ETI). To receive further support on how to access and use Eurex EnLight, please contact your Key Account Manager Trading.

Accompanying measures

The following measures shall come into effect on 2 May 2019:

  • Introduction of an Eurex EnLight Liquidity Provisioning (LP) building block and related LP rebate differentiation
  • Differentiation of standard fees for A-Accounts and standard fees for P/M-Accounts in Equity Options, Equity Index Options and Interest Rate Options
  • Differentiation of Minimum Block Trade Sizes for Equity and selected Equity Index Options

 As of 1 January 2020, Eurex Exchange plans to introduce a differentiation of standard fee levels for A-Accounts across execution mechanisms in Equity Options, Equity Index Options and Interest Rate Options.

The implementation of the described measures is subject to the approval of changes to the Conditions for Trading at Eurex Deutschland by the Exchange Council and the relevant Authorities. With these changes, Eurex EnLight trades will be classified as exchange traded derivatives negotiated Off-Book.