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Brexit: Support for derivatives trading and clearing

Release date: 15 May 2018 | Eurex Clearing

No. 045/18 Brexit: Support for derivatives trading and clearing

With less than one year before Brexit becoming effective, Deutsche Börse Group is closely monitoring Brexit processes, engaging with regulators and governments and will strive to take all necessary measures to mitigate the impact on existing business relations.

To support our Clearing Members and Trading Participants in their efforts, we have established a Brexit Transition Team as your partner to guide and assist you through any required preparations, whether in terms of relocation to the EU27 or organisational restructuring to fit the new realities. With a view to maintaining access to our trading and clearing services for UK customers, both Eurex Clearing and Eurex Exchange are in contact with relevant regulators to discuss authorisation requirements post-Brexit and to prepare accordingly.

We encourage our customers to plan with all scenarios in mind, cognisant that the future relationship between the UK and EU, in particular the legal framework for cross-border financial services, is yet to be agreed.


Please engage with the Brexit Transition Team proactively and start preparing for the transition by contacting your Key Account Manager, or sending an e-mail to our Brexit Transition Team mailbox at:

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