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Becoming a Clearing Member

Becoming a Clearing Member

Clearing Membership types

Eurex Clearing offers three types of clearing membership:

Direct Clearing Membership (DCMs)
DCMs can clear their own business and those of affiliated DC Market Participants. They may also clear for any undisclosed clients and/or DCs.

OTC DCMs may only clear proprietary business.

General Clearing Membership (GCMs)
GCMs may clear their own business and those of all clients.

FCM Clearing Membership
For clearing of Swap Transactions through Eurex Clearing AG, FCM Clearing Members act as agents on behalf of their FCM Clients (U.S. persons and non-U.S. persons) and, if applicable, for their own account.

Markets overview

The Clearing Member should apply for the clearing licences dependent on the products or markets in which they would like to be active. We offer licences to the following markets:

  • Eurex Derivatives
  • Eurex OTC IRD Clear
  • Deutsche Börse Cash Market
  • Eurex Repo
  • Securities Lending

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