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Eurex Clearing’s fee structure has been designed to ensure simplicity and transparency. It encourages members to take advantage of all the markets for which we clear in a cost-effective manner — utilizing our state-of-the-art technology.

Admission and membership

We charge applicants a one-off admission fee of EUR 50,000 to become a Clearing Member, as well as an annual membership fee of EUR 25,000. If you wish to become a Clearing Member for any of the other markets we clear, we do not charge any additional admission or membership fees so that you can leverage your clearing business.

Connection fees

Simplicity and transparency doesn’t mean lack of choice. In order to gain access to our clearing services, we give our members the choice between connecting via leased lines or via Internet, each must have a bandwidth of 64 kbit/s. To access our clearing services for FSE/Xetra® and our risk management facilities, members can (if applicable) use their pre-existing connection(s) to Eurex Deutschland and Eurex Zürich.

Connection component

Fee per month in EUR

1 dedicated leased line (64 kbit/s)


1 Internet line (64 kbit/s) (iAccess)


Clearing service fee