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Cross Project Calendar

Eurex Clearing Cross Project Calendar

In this section, Clearing Members and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will get an overview of the main cross projects actions, which need to be performed by Clearing Members in order to ensure a smooth readiness for all upcoming initiatives.

DateProject                            Action item                                                          


CCP Release 18.0

Start of simulation phase for CCP Release 18.0.

14 Sep

Primsa Release 9.3

Production start of Post Prisma 9.3 - Cash market margining activation in the Prisma system.

21 Sep

C7 Release 7.0

Start of simulation phase for C7 Release 7.0. Clients are requested to participate in the simulation and test various scenarios.

28 Sep

Fixed income derivatives

Eurex Clearing will offer clearing services for options on Euro-Buxl Futures introduced at Eurex Deutschland. The launch is subject to regulatory approval.

09 Oct

OTC Release 11.0

Last day to submit the Readiness Statement for OTC Release 11.0.

16 Oct

Transition from FedFunds to the US dollar short-term rate (SOFR)

Last day on which FedFunds PAI (PAA) based calculations are applied

19 Oct

Transition from FedFunds to the US dollar short-term rate (SOFR)

First day on which SOFR-based PAI (PAA) calculations are applied.  

19 Oct

OTC Release 11.0

Go-live of OTC Release 11.0.


CCP Release 18.0

Go-live of CCP Release 18.0.

23 Nov

C7 Release 7.0

Go-live of C7 Release 7.0.

31 Dec

Amendments to Discounted OTC IRD GOLD Pack 2020

Include Disclosed Clients which fulfil the personal prerequisites for a clearing license as set out in the Clearing Conditions as eligible group participants into the OTC IRD GOLD Pack rebate scheme until 31 December 2020.

In case Eurex Clearing has to move an action date, the overview will be updated accordingly. Additionally, Eurex Clearing will inform you about all changes via newsflash or circular.

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