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This overview is addressed to companies that aim to clear interest rate swaps, as a Disclosed Client (DC) indirectly through a Clearing Member (CM) at Eurex Clearing.

New Disclosed Client Admission Tool - an introduction

With the launch of our new Admission Tool, Eurex Clearing Members can process the admission of new Disclosed Client in a transparent and efficient way. Learn more directly from our On-boarding Team.


How to on-board with us

Become a Clearing Member

In order to clear your own transactions and those of your Disclosed Clients and clients that do not hold a clearing license, you must become a General Clearing Members (GCM) with EurexOTC Clear. If you are interested in joining us please contact us at

Access for Disclosed Clients

At Eurex Clearing, we also provide a variety of options for clients to connect indirectly to our service. As a buy side client, you can participate at EurexOTC Clear by passing your transactions to a Eurex Clearing Member who clears on your behalf. You can have one or many Clearing Members and one or many executing brokers.


Transaction reporting

Find out more about transaction reporting under EMIR and using Deutsche Börse’s REGIS-TR as trade repository.

To test connection to the service, workflow, margin processes and reports, a simulation environment has been set up for both Clearing Members and their clients.

To get connected, the following interfaces should be in place:

  • UAT of MarkitWire (CM, DC)
  • OTC Clearing GUI (CM; post-trade functionality)
  • Derivatives Clearing GUI (DM; collateral management)
  • Common Report Engine (CM, optional DC; trade and risk reports)

To access the simulation environment, please contact us directly for further details on how to register for the service.

Our team

Our EurexOTC Sales Team is happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our IRS clearing service. We look forward to hearing from you.




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