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Podcast: ESG Derivatives

Release date: 04 Nov 2019 | Eurex Exchange

Podcast: ESG Derivatives

The second episode of DerivSource’s ESG podcast series, explores the growing trend towards environmental, social and governance investing and specifically, ESG-focused derivatives. In this episode,   Zubin Ramdarshan, Head of Equity and Index Product Research & Development at Eurex discusses how client demand has led to the introduction of ESG index derivatives. 

Topics covered include:

  • What are the main drivers behind the initial launch of the ESG futures?
  • What kind of traction is Eurex getting with ESG derivatives? 
  • Why is the light exclusion method is most popular?
  • What are the growth opportunities for asset managers?
  • How are ESG derivatives being used by clients?
  • How do you see the trend for ESG or sustainable investing evolving ?

Listen to the podcast here
For the full transcript please click here