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Eurex: supporting Europe

Release date: 20 May 2019 | Eurex Clearing, Eurex Exchange, Eurex Group

Eurex: supporting Europe

We at Eurex are deeply rooted in Europe: on 28 September 1998, Schweizer Börse and Deutsche Börse celebrated the completion of a truly ambitious project. Eurex was the collective name given to the two exchanges Eurex Deutschland (the legal successor to DTB) and Eurex Zurich (the legal successor to SOFFEX) that formed a new joint system. Eurex offered trading and clearing for futures and options on stock indexes as well as on capital market instruments and on money-market paper.

Today, Eurex Exchange is the number one derivatives exchange in Europe, providing investors with access to the widest spectrum of equity index derivatives, primarily Europe-based derivatives. A wide range of trades is carried out from stocks to fixed income instruments issued in Germany, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. 

Our futures and options on EUR-denominated government bonds and derivatives on the benchmark indexes DAX® and EURO STOXX 50® are among the most actively traded interest rate and equity index derivatives in the world.  

Innovative and reliable technology provides access to products and services to more than 400 participants and approximately 7,500 dealers in 36 countries worldwide. Eurex offers a wide range of equity-based contracts on indexes, equities, ETFs, dividends and some of the world’s most liquid interest rate derivatives – all on a single trading platform.

Eurex Clearing is one of the leading central counterparties globally – assuring the safety and integrity of markets while providing innovation in risk management, clearing technology and client asset protection. We clear the broadest scope of products under a single framework in Europe – both listed products and OTC – and accept the world’s widest spectrum of eligible collateral.

With this offering, we support Europe’s capital markets. We enable investors from all around the world to invest in the European Union as we provide them with the hedging tools they need. 

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