Have you taken these EMIR steps?

Upcoming clearing obligations for Category 3 firms. Philip Simons, Global Head of Fixed Income Sales, Eurex, outlines which steps Category 3 firms should take.

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Eurex Clearing to expand Partnership Program to Repo and Foreign Exchange

Ensemble, c’est tout

With our clients, we have a created a real alternative for clearing interest rate swaps within the EU.


Eurex Clearing

CCP12 Report: Incentives for central clearing and the evolution of OTC derivatives

Eurex Clearing’s Teo Floor and Peter Linß speak about the latest report from the global association of CCPs. They explain how financial markets have changed over the last years due to regulation, highlight key differences between cleared and uncleared markets and how the market acknowledges the benefits clearing brings.

Prisma Margin Estimator in Cloud (Cloud PME)

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Have you taken these EMIR steps?