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Position transfer

Position transfer

Internal position account transfer between own accounts

Positions can be transferred to a different account. Internal position transfers are executed immediately. Exercised or assigned positions cannot be transferred.

External position transfer

Positions can be transferred to another Member (external position transfer). All external position transfers are immediate and can optionally carry a cash amount. Exercised or assigned positions cannot be transferred.
External position transfers in futures or options positions, where the premium is settled futures-style, are executed with the previous day’s settlement price. This is done, irrespective of whether the transferred positions result from transactions of the previous business day or the current business day. 
External position transfers for newly created series are rejected by the system. The Member will be able to enter a give-up/take-up transaction instead.
Just as give-up/take-up for transactions, external position transfers require the approval/acceptance of the initiating and receiving Member, as well as their respective Clearing Members. As long as there are outstanding approvals, the transfer will stay pending until the end-of-day processing or until the request is canceled by the initiator or rejected/denied by one of the related parties. 
External transfers are exclusively supported for accounts held gross. 
When transferring a position, Members have the choice to adjust the position transfer price and/ or to transfer a cash amount.