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Eurex Bonds

Eurex Bonds

All reports can be selected by Clearing Members or settlement institutions. In order to assist new Eurex Clearing Members to select the reports that you'll need, we recommend that, at a minimum, you choose the following reports. You can select additional reports at any time.

Eurex Reports

Risk reports
CC011 Current Liquidating Margin
CC040 Liquidating Values
CC045 Additional Margin
CC050 Daily Margin
CC060 Daily Margin Summary
CD010 Daily Cash Account Statement
CD031 Daily Securities Valuation
CD042 Daily Settlement Statement
CD090 Overall Asset Summary

CCP reports

Corporate action reports
RPTCA160 Custody Payment Statement
RPTCA180 Capital Adjustments on Trades

Trade reports
RPTCB230 Daily Gross Delivery Management

Cash reports
RPTCD250 Settled Cash Transactions

Settlement reports
RPTCE260 Pending Delivery
RPTCE270 Settled Delivery