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Release 3.1

Release 3.1

This page provides you with a documentation for Eurex Clearing's C7 release 3.1, which will become productive by the fourth quarter of 2016. In the course of the next months further documents will be added.

Overview and Functionality

Overview and Functional Documents
      • 10 May 2017
    • Derivatives Clearing Functional Reference, V. 3.5

      This document provides detailed information about the transaction and position maintenance functionality of C7 Rel. 3.1.

      • 09 Nov 2016
    • C7 - Release 3.1 Member Access, User Maintenance and Entitlement Guide, V. 3.2

      This document provides information on the relevant tasks for Clearing Members and Non-Clearing Members to get access to Eurex Clearing's C7 and extended agent accounts (Flexible Accounts). It also describes the set-up and maintenance of users including major components of the user entitlement model with the description of each privilege available for entitlement users.

      • 17 Oct 2016
    • C7 3.1 Release Notes, V. 1.1

      The Release Notes contain an overview of functionality that will be provided by C7 Release 3.1, including high-level descriptions of GUI and FIXML Interface behaviour, and new/enhanced XML Reports.

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