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Release 2.0

Release 2.0

This page provides you with an overview of Eurex Clearing's C7, describing its major functional and system changes. You will also find a detailed description of the concepts and messages of the Eurex Clearing Interfaces (Messaging Interfaces Connectivity and FIXML Interface), its XML representation and schema files, as well as all necessary information about Network Access and Eurex GUI Solutions.

Overview and Functionality

Overview and Functional Documents
      • 27 Nov 2014
    • C7 - Clearing Models in C7, V2.0

      C7 offers Flexible Accounts to the disclosed clients of the Clearing Members (CMs). The purpose of this document is to provide CMs and their clients with a guide on how to use Flexible Accounts under the different clearing models in C7.

      • 05 Nov 2014
    • C7 - Functional User Guide, V 2.0

      This document provides detailed information about the transaction and position maintenance functionality of C7 Rel. 2.0, including interaction with the Eurex Classic clearing system.

      • 28 Oct 2014
    • C7 - Rel 2.0 Member and User Maintenance Guide

      This document describes  the set-up and maintenance tasks of Clearing Members and Non-Clearing Members for C7. This includes: how to get access to C7 functionality,  how to maintain Flexible Accounts and how to grant users access to the C7 GUI. Note that Clearing Members have to perform tasks for themselves, their Non Clearing  Members (NCMs) and Registered Customers (RCs).

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