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Client Asset Protection

Client Asset Protection under EMIR

Ensuring the highest protection for our customers

Clients of Clearing Members have the choice how their positions and margin collateral (cash and securities) are held and posted by their Clearing Member at Eurex Clearing. The level of segregation of collateral and positions will impact how easily porting can be performed. Failure to port in the prescribed timeframe will result in position close out and return of any remaining collateral.

This document sets out the information required to be disclosed under Article 39(7) EMIR. It provides a summary description of each of the clearing models currently offered by Eurex Clearing, including information on the main legal implications of the respective levels of segregation and applicable insolvency law.


  • As a CCP authorised under EMIR, Eurex Clearing offers both omnibus and individual segregation to Clearing Members and their direct clients. There are also segregation solutions offered for indirect clients in line with the regulatory standards.
  • Since the launch of our client segregation models, Eurex Clearing has worked with the market to ensure each segregation model is designed to provide flexibility in terms of available position and collateral account set up in order to meet Clearing Member specific needs. Safety and efficiency have been key design principles.
  • Each model has its own segregation, protection and risk profile.

Within our capital asset protection options, Eurex Clearing offer customers a variety of client types to accommodate risk appetite and individual capital requirements. Clients, here a client of a Clearing Member, can be either undisclosed or disclosed (i.e. known) to Eurex Clearing. Depending on the client type, varying levels of position segregation and asset protection can be achieved. In response to client demand, Eurex Clearing has introduced a new, simpler, client type. This new setup will significantly shorten onboarding timelines and ease the operational burden of onboarding clients to Eurex Clearing.



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