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Risk management

For a safer market

As one of the world's leading clearing houses, ensuring safer markets is what Eurex Clearing is all about. We have been and continue to be a pioneer in introducing innovative technology and forward-looking services to safeguard the marketplace and to increase market integrity. Throughout our history we have worked to introduce powerful risk management and clearing features that address both our members’ current needs yet also anticipate future developments in the risk landscape.

Our risk management approach

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As a CCP, Eurex Clearing faces various types of risks. Comprehensive risk management policies and services need to be in place to ensure the integrity, transparency, efficiency and the safety of our customers and the entire financial markets. Read about our state-of-the-art risk management approach and how credit risk and other types of financial and operational risks are managed.

Video: The Maple Bank default and how we handled it

One of the most important tasks of Clearing Houses like Eurex Clearing, is to ensure safe financial markets - especially in times of crisis. Our Chief Risk Officer, Thomas Laux, explains how Eurex Clearing handled this default and why risk management is all about managing uncertainty.

Spotlight on: Capital Asset Protection

We offer you, our Clearing Member and your clients, different segregation and porting options to address your needs across all markets. This new booklet aims to provide you with sufficient information to consider which model will best satisfy your business, capital and risk requirements.

Prisma - Portfolio-based risk management

Our portfolio-based risk management methodology — Eurex Clearing Prisma — raises the benchmark for risk calculation, improving the efficiency, safety and integrity of the capital markets.


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