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Participant views


As a design partner of the Eurex Partnership Program, we highly appreciate the inclusion of Repo as it offers us an additional alternative to clear our EUR-denominated Repos.

Peter Fejfer Nielsen,
Head of EMEA Finance Desk at Citigroup


Continued high demand for HQLA collateral combined with a concentration of settlement in Europe requires strong sources of market liquidity. The linkage between custody, triparty, CCP and electronic trading are key to achieve this high degree of market efficiency. Commerzbank as a key driver of digital innovation joint the Eurex Partnership Program Repo in order to ensure operational readiness towards the next level of Liquidity/HQLA management.

Inga Johal,
Head of Group Treasury at Commerzbank


As one of the leading Repo and Securities Lending houses in Germany, we welcome Eurex’s Partnership Program to offer an alternative solution for trading and clearing of our EUR-denominated Repos within the EU27.

Michael Cyrus,
Head of Collateral Trading and FX at DekaBank


The new enhancements to Eurex Repo aim to increase the balance sheet netting opportunities and optimize margin requirements for Clearing Members. As one of the first members of the Eurex Clearing Partnership Program, we welcome this initiative and the exciting development for the industry.

Nicola Danese,
Head of EMEA FI financing at J.P. Morgan


With this initiative, Eurex Repo together with Eurex Clearing offers us an alternative for clearing European government bonds and in particular Bund-Repos via Eurex Clearing. Furthermore, it helps to manage our balance sheet with more netting opportunities.

Lars Stridde,
Head of Securities Financing at Landesbank Baden- Württemberg (LBBW)