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Irish Stock Exchange / Euronext Dublin

Irish Stock Exchange / Euronext Dublin

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Irish Stock Exchange / Euronext Dublin

We are the clearing house for the Irish Stock Exchange T7® orderbook suite of products traded on Euronext Dublin (previously known as Irish Stock Exchange). An Irish Stock Exchange/Euronext Dublin Clearing License authorizes members to clear their own and their customer's business executed on the Dublin based exchange. The license to clear at Eurex Clearing gives you access to some of the world's most liquid products.


Irish Stock Exchange Xetra® order book trades in Irish equities and Irish Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and can be cleared through an Irish Stock Exchange Clearing License. A full list of CCP-eligible instruments is also available there.


You want to become part of Eurex Clearing? Start your application process now with all necessary forms to apply for a clearing membership.



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