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Eurex Repo Clearing License

We clear the broadest scope of products under a single framework in Europe. This includes the broad suite of products traded at Eurex Repo.

A Eurex Repo Clearing License authorizes members to clear their own and customer business executed on the Eurex Repo platform. The license to clear at Eurex Clearing gives you access to some of the world's most liquid products.

Corporate Customers/Non-financial institutions can also participate in the GC Pooling Market as “GC Pooling Select members”. As a GC Pooling Select member, Corporate Customers/Non-financial institutions can apply for a “Specific Repo License” which is specially designed to cover your individual requirements as well as Eurex Clearing's regulatory guidelines.

Eurex Repo Markets

Eurex Repo operates four markets in secured funding and financing: GC Pooling, Repo, SecLend and Triparty Repo.


GC Pooling Market

This market enables EUR and USD cash liquidity trading collateralized with baskets of ECB eligible securities or the top 50 selection of the HDAX®.

GC Pooling Select

GC Pooling Select is based on the existing GC Pooling Market but in some parts especially designed to enable Corporate Customers/Non-financial institutions for secured cash investments.
Participating institutions can participate as cash providers on a pre-funded basis and under specific circumstances as well as cash takers.
Trading in currencies other than EUR is currently not possible. However apart from that, all existing collateral baskets and trading periods are identical to the GC Pooling Market.
Corporate Customers/Non-financial institutions do not face any additional administrative burden, since all clearing- and settlement-related issues, such as cash- and collateral-management, are completely covered by a special service, provided by Eurex Clearing and Clearstream Banking.

Repo Market

The huge variety of different General Collateral (GC) baskets and the possibility to trade single bonds as "Specials" amends the GC Pooling Market.

SecLend Market

This market provides efficient trading of securities lending and borrowing as well as collateralization of loans with debt securities, equities or ETFs. Furthermore, cash collateral in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY can be used to secure a loan.


Do you want to become part of Eurex Clearing? To become a Clearing Member you have to fulfill certain prerequisites. Please use the link below to inform yourself and start your application process.



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