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EurexOTC Clear

EurexOTC Clear: highest safety and efficiency as perfect basis for your OTC business

We have worked closely with both the buy and sell side to design an offering that truly meets the needs of the market. As a result, we provide the perfect basis for your OTC business, where highest safety and efficiency are key factors – and differentiate us from other CCPs. EurexOTC Clear offers a strong holistic solution in terms of product coverage, Client Asset Protection, capital efficiency and ancillary services by leveraging the existing Eurex Clearing infrastructure.

  • We are a proven and robust CCP risk manager
  • We offer full protection and portability of your assets
  • We have an integrated full asset class offering
  • We give you the highest capital efficiencies
  • We offer you efficient collateral management

Meet all our OTC IRD Clearing Members

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Bloomberg ATS Member Guide for EurexOTC Clear IRD

EurexOTC Clear IRD members are able to use Bloomberg Global Ltd. (BGL) to submit OTC trades directly for clearing to Eurex Clearing. The Bloomberg ATS Member Guide gives you a detailed overview on OTC Client Clearing workflow, Supported Functionality/Flow, Product Scope, Trade Flow and Novation Flow.

New Registered Customer Admission Tool - an introduction