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Securities collateral fee

Security collateral fee

Securities collateral used to cover margin requirement is subject to the security collateral fee. The fee level depends on the cash proportion delivered to cover the total margin requirement (sliding scale logic).

  • Any over-collateralization is not charged
  • Security collateral fee does not apply to the OTC IRS business of Registered Customers (segregated and non-segregated Registered Customers) or to re-used securities out of GC Pooling

The security collateral fee is calculated on a daily basis and settled monthly. It is reported via the CB235 Daily Security Collateral Fee Statement.

Sliding scale logic

Eurex Clearing is obliged to maintain adequate levels of liquidity to comply with various regulatory requirements. Cash margins generally represent a relevant source of liquidity for the clearing house. As a result of this, Eurex Clearing incentivizes Clearing Members to maintain certain cash levels within their collateral composition by benefitting from a lower fee level.