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Handling of excess cash collateral

Handling of excess cash collateral

Auto-repay of clearing currency

Auto-repay of excess cash collateral in your nominated clearing currency is available at the individual pool level. If auto-repay is switched on then all excess cash will be automatically credited back to the Clearing Member's main account in the morning as part of the end of day process. If not selected, then all excess collateral will stay at the segregated pool until a withdrawal is requested. For the Fund Manager set-up auto repay is available at the master pool level.

The excess variation margin is always automatically returned to the Clearing Member’s cash account after any potential offsets against initial margin shortfalls.

Permanent cash balance (PCB)

Clients have the option to set a PCB per a segregated pool. PCB is the pre-defined cash amount that a Clearing Member or client wants to hold with Eurex Clearing. Clearing Members can maintain the PCB via Eurex @X-tract Clearing GUI Collateral Pool Overview Window.

Activation of the PCB might lead to a cash movement in the morning:

  • mandatory cash call if cash balance in the respective collateral pool and currency falls below the predefined PCB - regardless of collateralization level
  • auto-return of excess cash above the predefined PCB in the respective collateral pool in clearing currency - only if no under-collateralization

The permanent cash balance functionality is available for EUR, CHF and GBP.