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Deposits and withdrawals of cash collateral

Deposits and withdrawals of cash collateral

Withdrawals and deposits may be requested by a Clearing Member via the Eurex@X-tract Clearing GUI (Collateral Transaction Entry). It is possible to make single requests or multiple requests via the bulk upload functionality.


  • A Clearing Member's deposit request in the GUI triggers a debit from his cash account (e.g. USD) and a credit to Eurex Clearing’s USD account.
  • Upon receipt of cash collateral on Eurex Clearing's account, the collateral balance for the respective collateral pool is updated.

Cash withdrawals

  • Upon a Clearing Member's withdrawal request in the GUI, Eurex Clearing checks that the withdrawal would not result in a shortfall. If this is not the case, Eurex Clearing will update books and records.
  • Eurex Clearing instructs a cash payment to the Clearing Member's cash account.
  • The Clearing Member has to return cash collateral to segregated clients as appropriate.

Book only transfers

Book only transfers may also be instructed via the upload/import functionality on the Automated Book Transfer of Cash window in the GUI.

They can be performed from the Clearing Member's standard pool to segregated collateral pools and vice versa via one consolidated file across all eligible currencies and directions.

Book only transfers can be processed between 8:00 and 18:00 CET.

Where a book only transfer does not result in a shortfall, it is processed directly upon upload. The status of the processed transfer is shown in the GUI with "CF". Where insufficient collateral is available, the transfer is not processed but blocked (GUI status: "BL") until sufficient collateral is available. The system checks every 10 minutes.