GMEX IRS Constant Maturity Futures successfully launched

Eurex & GMEX are pleased to announce the first trades in our new IRS CMF. The innovative contract brings the benefits of futures trading closer to OTC products.

Clearing of Inflation Swaps live

We extended our EurexOTC IRS offering with Zero Coupon Inflation Swaps. Clearing Members and Registered Customers can benefit from a booking and maintenance fee waiver til 30 June 2016.

T2S wave 2: early information on expected changes

This circular informs you of the expected changes for T2S wave 2 which is scheduled to be introduced as part of Eurex Clearing’s CCP release 10.0.

Eurex Clearing Prisma release 3.0 went live on 1 June

Release 3.0 supports ETF derivatives. Release 4.0 on 9 Nov will include products on KOSPI & TAIEX into our our new margin methodology and paves the way for additional derivatives.

IMPORTANT: Keep the mandatory migration timeline to Eurex Clearing Prisma

Risk-based Margining will be decommissioned for all ETDs assigned to a Liquidation Group in Eurex Clearing Prisma by the end of 2015. For a smooth transition, we recommend an early migration.



Number of the week

billion euro mark in our cleared interest rate swaps volume exceeded.

EurexOTC Clear welcomes HSBC France as new user

We are delighted that HSBC France has decided to also use our OTC clearing service for interest rate swaps. Our IRS offering helps to ease the rising costs of regulation by benefitting from margin, capital and collateral efficiencies.

German Securities Finance Summit IV on 3 September in Frankfurt

Stay up-to-date on today's securities lending trends in the German market and listen to a panel discussion with Matthias Graulich from Eurex Clearing. Topics will include changes to supply and demand, post-trade issues and central clearing.

On the go-live of our GMEX IRS Constant Maturity Futures

We are very pleased with the observed level of market interest. Launching an innovative product is very much a process, not an event, with a range of buy and sell-side participants looking to go live over the coming months driven by the need for capital efficiencies as a result of regulatory change.

Hirander Misra, CEO and Co-Founder of GMEX Group.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch trades + clears our GMEX IRS CMF

New content item

GMEX was joined by Bank of America Merill Lynch for the start of our pioneering IRS Constant Maturity Futures on 7 August. As General Clearing Member of Eurex Clearing they also provide clearing, execution and settlement services for the new offering.

Two new screencasts on Eurex Clearing Prisma

Eurex Clearing Prisma

The video tutorials provide you with the most important information and tips on how to use our Eurex Clearing Prisma migration tool and how to work with the Eurex Clearing Prisma MarginCalculator.

Eurex Clearing continues 2015 with many enhancements

Our latest newsletter updates you on the current developments at Eurex Clearing. Find out about our enhanced netting, Zero Coupon Inflation Swaps and more.

New products for Eurex Clearing Prisma

From 31 August, ETF derivatives, ETC futures and futures & options on precious metals will be available in our portfolio-based risk management methodology. With release 4.0 in November FX, KOSPI - and TAIEX derivatives and more will follow.

FIA Europe’s “Clearing in a day” in Frankfurt (fully booked)

FIA Clearing in a Day

The seminar on 15 September 2015 focusses amongst other topics on “The evolution of clearing” and “The impact of EMIR on clearing”. All presentations will be given by leading industry experts in German.