Eurex Clearing announces partnership program

Find out more about our new partnership program – registration is now open

Lending CCP - Increasing funding and financing efficiency on an international scale

Eric Müller and Philippe Seyll discuss the environment that securities finance currently inhibits, and whether central clearing offers a way through.

Stress testing: connecting risk management with regulatory requirements

Eurex Clearing is your reliable partner when it comes to ensure the highest safety of financial markets in a complex and fast moving environment.

Gradually turning the securities lending business into a centrally cleared segment

Enhancing the marketplace for securities lending central clearing is part of our strategy to incorporate new and innovative offerings that assist members to increase capital efficiencies.


Eurex Clearing

Erik Müller: “Greater choice and competition”

Eric Müller

Eurex Clearing’s CEO discussed the new partnership program with German financial daily Börsen-Zeitung.

This excerpt gives you some insight into the reasons behind the model.

Default management process – hedging in a default

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EUR daily open notional in Eurex Clearing's Lending CCP

CCP Clearing Access – Where are we now and what’s next?

In a DerivSource webinar, a panel of OTC derivatives market participants will explore how market changes, including extension of CCP clearing for repo and FX derivatives, Brexit and the reduction of clearing brokers offering services, are changing the way non-clearing members look to access CCP clearing. The panel will also evaluate the various direct access offerings available and assess the applicability to various market participants including asset managers, pension funds and corporates. Attendees will gain firsthand insight into how the CCP clearing space is evolving and what lies ahead for market participants of all types.


Eurex Clearing secures PGGM as first buy-side Lending CCP direct member

Dutch cooperative pension fund PGGM is set to be the first buy-side client to become a direct participant of Eurex Clearing’s Securities Lending CCP.

The direct CCP access for beneficial owners via its Specific Lender License, preserves the relationship-driven business structure and at the same time delivers the capital efficiency and safety associated with central clearing.

Read more in the latest SLT issue HERE

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Managing a Default: The Eurex Clearing Approach

A detailed look at the lines of defense at Eurex Clearing shows how clearinghouses are prepared to manage the default of a clearing member without disrupting the markets. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, policymakers’ and legislators’ focus on the topic of clearinghouse resilience, recovery and resolution has been intense, with many experts and commentators warning of yet more severe consequences for the financial system should a central counterparty ever have issues or even go into default. Learn more about the steps and key components of Eurex Clearing’s default management process in a recent article by Teo Floor.

New Admission Requirements

View our new admission requirements section that enables interested parties to compare and contrast across different membership types and markets, get further clarification on the jurisdictions, regulatory requirements and member requirements. Whether your firm wants to become a client, clearing member or leverage our recently launched ISA Direct membership, our onboarding guide provides you with all required information.