Eurex Clearing Prisma release 3.0 went live on 1 June

Release 3.0 supports ETF derivatives. Release 4.0 on 9 Nov will include products on KOSPI & TAIEX into our our new margin methodology and paves the way for additional derivatives.

ABN AMRO Clearing ready to clear Eurex EURO STOXX 50® Variance Futures

ABN AMRO Clearing is offering clearing services for the Eurex EURO STOXX 50® Variance Futures since 27 May 2015.

Strategic partnership between Deutsche Börse and China Construction Bank

Cooperations could include the expansion of CCB business activities, e.g. through trading and clearing membership in Xetra, Eurex and Eurex Clearing.

EurexOTC Clear for IRS: create capital efficiencies by using our enhanced netting service

Since 1 June enhanced netting helps to reduce outstanding notional volume, thereby reducing capital costs.

Clearance for Eurex Clearing Asia: new Singapore-based Clearing House to start in 2016

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has granted “in-principle” regulatory clearance for the set up of our new clearing house.



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Registered Customers at EurexOTC Clear

New screencast series: get prepared for C7 R 3.0

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In the upcoming weeks will be publishing a set of screencasts to support you to get ready for the go-live of release 3.0. Part 1 covers the new entitlement model and introduces you to its roles and required configurations.

New brochure on our netting and compression services online

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New regulations are increasing costs for our bank clients. Our netting and compression services reduce gross notional exposure, thereby minimizing your capital cost. The new brochure provides you with the key facts on this offering.

T. Book & M. Graulich talk about „Innovation as a competitive factor“

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The Securities Lending Times features Thomas Book and Matthias Graulich providing insights on why Eurex Clearing’s Lending CCP has been embraced by Borrowers, Agent Lenders and Beneficial Owners alike.

T2S on the horizon – CCP Release 9.2 with new features

Since 22 June our CCP Release 9.2 provides new features. Amongst others the corporate action fraction handling for the settlement location SIX SIS changed. For more facts around T2S please visit our FAQs.

Spotlight on: Eurex Clearing; Lending CCP

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Eurex Clearing's move towards CCPs for securities lending had a positive impact for all market participants throughout the chain from Agent Lenders to banks and certainly also to Beneficial Owners. Throughout the last few months we have shared our thoughts and views on the key topics affecting the securities financing industry. Read the recent interview with Thomas Book and Matthias Graulich and several key articles published in various publications.

G. Denham on the importance of collateral liquidity

For collateral, the key focus is flexibility and fluidity - being able to offer a broader range of collateral across different transaction types in multiple settlement locations will assist the market further as the liquidity of collateral becomes crucial for the market.

Gerad Denham, Senior Vice President, Clients & Markets

ISS Roundtable on „Securities Financing“

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Gerard Denham joined the International Securities Service Roundtable on a range of issues affecting the securities lending market. Click here to read the ISS Magazine's May edition on Securities Financing.

Know-how on demand: webinar on collateral efficiency

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In case you’ve missed our “live session”, our webinar “Collateral efficiency: mobility, velocity & optimization required - but how?”, hosted by DerivSource, is now available for you whenever your time allows.