New clearing member of EurexOTC Clear: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Connecting to our CCP for OTC derivatives lets LBBW and its customers manage their OTC transactions with greater capital efficiency, more security and transparency.

BNY Mellon & State Street collaborate with our Lending CCP

The parties intend to further enhance the service for beneficial owners and will explore expanding the offering's geographic reach.

Natixis joins EurexOTC Clear and our Lending CCP

As new Clearing Member of our two services, France’s second largest banking player can now benefit from significant capital efficiencies through our integrated cross product clearing offering.

EurexOTC Clear for IRS: create capital efficiencies by using our enhanced netting service

As of 1 June enhanced netting will help to reduce outstanding notional volume, thereby reducing capital costs.

Clearance for Eurex Clearing Asia: new Singapore-based Clearing House to start in 2016

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has granted “in-principle” regulatory clearance for the set up of our new clearing house.



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billion outstanding notional volume in our EurexOTC Clear service

“The future landscape of derivatives”. See it in Stockholm & Copenhagen.

We would like to invite you to join us for our afternoon conferences on Eurex’ Euro-Swap Futures and cleared OTC interest rate swaps followed by a cocktail reception. Please register for Stockholm on 17 March or Copenhagen on 19 March now.

3-5 March, Shanghai: Asian securities lending conference

Hear the latest news about the securities lending industry in Asia at the PASLA/RMA. Gerard Denham will join the panel discussion on “The Future of Asian Central Counterparties” on 5 March, 12:00 local time.

How will T2S Wave 2 affect your business?

On 29 March 2016 the ESES markets and specific CSDs will migrate their securities settlement business to TARGET2-Securities. Click here for some initial information on how our Lending CCP and the corporate actions reporting will be affected and if Wave 2 will impact you.

Thomas Book on CCP resolution and recovery plans

CCP resolution and recovery plans are the most systemic of all risk management tools. They enable a centralized decision on either ensuring continuity or a wind-down of markets, rather than individual institutions.

Thomas Book, CEO Eurex Clearing, in FT Trading Room

FIA "Clearing In A Day". 03 March, London.

This introduction to derivatives clearing will provide essential insight for anyone involved in this area.

EurexOTC Clear for IRS with extended services as of 1 June

These include an enhanced EurexOTC Clear Margin Calculator which allows you to estimate margin requirements even more realistic as well as advanced rules to increase the netting potential of outstanding trades.