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Eurex has successfully extended its trading hours in the Asian time zones.

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Eurex Clearing to expand Partnership Program to Repo and Foreign Exchange

We welcome Nordea to our Partnership Program

Nordea is the second Nordic bank to join Eurex Clearing’s Partnership Program for OTC Interest Rate Derivatives clearing service.

Eurex strengthens asset class focus

“With the new set-up, we foster client orientation and expertise in our market-facing functions”

Lending CCP - Increasing funding and financing efficiency on an international scale

Erik Müller and Philippe Seyll discuss the environment that securities finance currently inhibits, and whether central clearing offers a way through.


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This week’s topic: T7 – a true success story

Jonas Ullmann, Head of Market Functionality

Our trading architecture T7 really is an ongoing success story. How did it all start, what are the reasons for its success, and are there new advancements and enhancements coming with Release 7.0.? Jonas Ullmann, Head of Market Functionality, has all the answers.

Cloud Prisma Margin Estimator

Cloud PME is the latest addition to the family of Prisma margin tools available at Eurex Clearing.Find out which tool is best suited to you and how easy it is to calculate margin figures with the Cloud PME API.

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participants at Eurex Clearing‘s partnership program

What experts from the Asian financial community say

ETH video

Extended trading hours create extended opportunities. How do customers feel about it? Our video has the answer.

How to get a free-of-charge open access margin estimation service?

Andreas Franke

Our interview with Andreas Franke, Head of Unit, Risk Methodology OTC, tells you all you need to know about the new Eurex Clearing CloudPME service offer.

The move to central clearing for the securities lending market

View from the buy-side: BNY Mellon and PGGM, users of our securities lending central counterparty, discuss its benefits and industry trends. The original article was published in Securities Lending Times.

At your disposal: Brexit Transition Team

New content item

We have established a Brexit Transition Team as your partner to guide you through any required preparations, whether in terms of relocation to the EU27 or organisational restructuring to fit the new realities.