Stress testing: connecting risk management with regulatory requirements

Eurex Clearing is your reliable partner when it comes to ensure the highest safety of financial markets in a complex and fast moving environment.

Gradually turning the securities lending business into a centrally cleared segment

Enhancing the marketplace for securities lending central clearing is part of our strategy to incorporate new and innovative offerings that assist members to increase capital efficiencies.

Prisma release 5.0: migration of remaining derivatives

The remaining derivative products VSTOXX® Derivatives, Variance Futures and Dividend Derivatives will be migrated from RBM to Eurex Clearing Prisma on 28 November 2016.

Bloomberg offers direct access to EurexOTC Clear

The direct connectivity enables Bloomberg’s large sell and buy side community to now directly submit its OTC trades for clearing to EurexOTC Clear.

NEW: ISA Direct – Direct Clearing Membership for the buy side

Our ISA Direct model combines elements of a direct clearing membership and the traditional service relationship in client clearing - tailored specifically for the buy side.


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EUR daily open notional in Eurex Clearing's Lending CCP

Ashwin Kumar and Eric Müller speak about the new concept of a collateralised coin: Combining the best of two worlds

Collateral Coin

Deutsche Börse developed a concept for riskless peer-to-peer transfer of commercial bank money via a blockchain-based infrastructure, using the functionalities of a central counterparty (CCP). In this interview, Ashwin Kumar, Global Head of Product Development at Deutsche Börse Group, and Eric Müller, CEO of  Eurex Clearing, speak about the new concept of a collateralised coin.

Securities Lending Times: The tipping point - by Drew Nicol

The latest issue of Securities Lending Times features a spotlight article on Deutsche Börse’s breakfast seminar which provided a unique opportunity for securities lending participants to meet and share their experiences of traversing the various stages of connecting with Eurex’s Lending CCP.

Funds Europe: Central Counterparty Clearing - A few little tweaks

Nicholas Pratt from Funds Europe gives an overview on latest changes in central counterparties in the securities lending market.

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A Need for Expanded Currency Coverage

Eurex Clearing recently launched several new European currencies in an extension of its  OTC interest rate swaps clearing offering.

In a Q&A with DerivSource, our regional experts explain why the expansion of currency coverage and its collateral services to various European regions is important for local but also international derivatives market participants.

New brochure: Spotlight on access models for the buy side - ISA Direct

This brochure delivers an in-depth overview of our new direct access model and further insights into what we are doing to help our clients gain greater capital efficiencies.