Eurex/KRX Link Focus Day 16 May 2018

09. May 2018

Eurex/KRX Link Focus Day 16 May 2018

The Eurex KOSPI Products are available in the Eurex Simulation Environment and can be tested for trading. Please note that the patching of a KRX broker ID and the assignment of the Eurex KOSPI Product to the traders need to be performed in simulation prior to a Eurex Member being active in Simulation. 

To register the account relationship with a KRX Member for simulation, the form "Application for Participation for the Trading of Eurex KOSPI Daily Futures contracts" can be used to provide Eurex with the KRX Member ID(s) and firm name(s) to be patched (please tick "Simulation" in this case).

In simulation, any alphanumeric combination can be used for the KRX Final Beneficiary.

The report RPTCB741 “KRX Position Information” can also be retrieved, however acceptance or rejection of positions depends on the response of the KRX Member. If no information is available regarding the status of a position, the report indicates this with ‘pending’. Please note that reports are provided in the Eurex system on the following day after a batch day.

For an overview of trading and batch days, please refer to the Eurex simulation calendar published on the Eurex website under the path Technology > Simulation Calendar.

The SUPA margining process for the Eurex KOSPI Products is not offered in simulation.

It is also possible that Eurex and KRX Members jointly simulate and test the processes of the position transfer of the Eurex/KRX Link. However, KRX does not provide simulation access to all its member firms on a continuous basis. 

On 16 May 2018, KRX will offer simulation support and is encouraging their participating member firms to test the position transfer process of the Eurex/KRX Link in Simulation; on this day, KRX will exchange simulation position information with its members and provide Eurex with simulation files to be processed by Eurex.

In detail, during EOD processing, Eurex transfers the position information to KRX. KRX transmits the position information to the corresponding KRX Member for acceptance or rejection, and KRX will send the respective data and responses back to Eurex.

The simulated acceptance or rejection of positions will then be reflected in the simulation report RPTCB741 KRX Position Information.

It is recommended that the established simulation positions in OKS2 and FMK2 are aligned with the KRX Member separately, e.g. via email. To test the acceptance and rejection of positions on the KRX side in a test with KRX support, we suggest the KRX Member should reject a previously agreed part of the positions and accept the remaining part.