Common Report Engine (CRE) infrastructure upgrade

16. Mar 2018

Common Report Engine (CRE) infrastructure upgrade

Deutsche Börse has completed the upgrade of the Common Report Engine (CRE) infrastructure. As previously announced in the circulars Xetra (005/2018),  Eurex Trading (003/2018) and Eurex Clearing (004/2018), access to the old CRE infrastructure will end on 16 April 2018.

To ensure continued access, all CRE members must migrate to the new CRE infrastructure by 14 April 2018 at the latest. From this point onwards, access to the CRE can only be guaranteed via the new IP addresses.

A detailed description of the CRE upgrade procedure and the new IP addresses can be found in the above mentioned circulars.


Please ensure that the new IP addresses of the new CRE infrastructure are permitted by your in house security configuration (firewall etc.) and coordinated by your IT- support.